The Garden In September

It just so happens that September is s good time of year for landscaping to be all done & dusted & for planting to start. The construction is almost all done in our garden, there's just the greenhouse to put up & a small summer-house is arriving in a few weeks time. The timing is down … [Read More...]

Tulip Professor Roentgen

Let’s Talk Tulips

It's blisteringly hot here & the sky is a cloudless, deep blue, but it's time to think about the garden next spring, specifically it's time to plan & order … [Read More...]

late summer colur-echinacea pallida

Late summer flowers

One of the things that people find challenging about their garden at this time of year, is how there's a bit of a lull as summer plants come to the end of flowering, … [Read More...]

wisteria flower 2 -May.15

The Garden In August

Hello, I hope you had a good weekend? We were busy re-building a dry-stone wall that was partially dismantled when some redundant old drain-pipes were removed. … [Read More...]


How To Grow Hollyhocks

Welcome to the start of another sunny week, I'm getting used to this weather and it's motivating me to get out into the garden and water before the sun gets really … [Read More...]

Hc-16-alitex herbs

The vegetable garden in July

July is the month of long days and plenty of sunshine, and after all that rain earlier in the month everything has grown like mad. So whether you’ve got a balcony, … [Read More...]

Bees' Needs Week,

Bees’ Needs Week

Did you know it’s Bees' Needs Week? And their needs really matter these days, so there's this a big push to get gardeners, farmers and growers to help pollinating … [Read More...]

vintage gdn-pots etc

A Vintage Garden Barn Sale

July is well underway and so far this summer there've been plenty of garden-related events. This time last week I spent a wonderful day at The Hampton Court Flower … [Read More...]

HC-cornish gdn-4

Fabulous Front Gardens

I went to the Hampton Court Flower Show on Monday and bought a greenhouse... I didn't actually take it home with me, just ordered it ready for delivery in September, … [Read More...]

bug hotel

How To Make A Bug Hotel.

It isn’t easy being an organic gardener, there are times when I’m really tempted to grab some glyphosate and blast the weeds. They do seem to be winning at the … [Read More...]

House plant-1

House-Plant Heaven

Today is Summer Solstice, the day when we have the most daylight of the whole year, there’ll be a whopping 17 hours of daylight today. It feels significant, the days … [Read More...]

Beginner gardening, pruning,,

Clipped into shape

Clipping plants into shape is favourite garden task, I like how it brings structure into the garden, even better if there's some loose, wild planting nearby that … [Read More...]

bees on echinops

Life in the earth

Not only are the plants in the garden making lots of fresh vibrant growth, there’s a lot of wildlife activity too. I've seen persistent little blue tits and robins … [Read More...]

Peony Cardinal Vaughan

Pretty, perfect peonies.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend, for those of us in the U.K. we’ve had an extra day which always feels like a nice bonus. It was lovely and warm with a … [Read More...]

verbena bonariensis-stipa gigantea-taplow

Revamping the garden

Hello, how is your week going, are you managing to get outside and enjoy the sunshine? I haven’t managed to do any gardening for over a week, what with being away … [Read More...]


Soil pH made simple.

The birds are singing thier little hearts out, the garden is sprouting, and the spring equinox arrived, so it’s official. I took the photos of these … [Read More...]

March garden-purple hellebores

My garden in March

  I wandered round the garden with my first cup of tea this morning. All I can say is thank goodness for the hellebores that line the steps down to … [Read More...]