chelsea flower show-GCGC-sculpture

Gorgeous gardens & plants at The Chelsea Flower Show.

These are just a few of the gorgeous gardens and plants that took my fancy at The Chelsea Flower Show 2015. A classic combination of clipped domes of Yew and brightly coloured flowers by Adam Frost in the Homebase garden. I love the combination of flowers and herbs. There were … [Read More...]

growing mint by the kitchen door

Can you grow too much mint?

The all-year-round herbs are still doing their thing, this is basically sage and rosemary in my garden. But now that summer is almost here, it’s time to increase the … [Read More...]

growing flowers from seed

Growing flowers from seed

Isn't the thought of picking flowers from your garden (or allotment) a lovely one? Even the tiniest bunch with lots of foliage in it to bulk it up is so … [Read More...]

A classic plant combination

A classic plant combination

Putting plants together can be a bit of a puzzle, so I use a sort of template that makes life a lot easier. The first thing to sort out is the type of soil, i.e. … [Read More...]

a new garden-pink hellebore

A new garden

A new garden is both a wonderful thing and ever so slightly daunting, there's a lot to do to get it looking just right with many decisions in between. So here's … [Read More...]

growing potatoes,

Growing potatoes

It's just over two weeks since we moved, and whilst unpacking and settling in continues, not really a chore because we love the new place, time for the allotment is … [Read More...]

roasted winter squash,

Roasted winter squash recipe

It's true that I did bang on quite a bit about Uchiki kuri winter squash last year, but they were fun to grow, romping away up their cane wig-wams, producing lovely … [Read More...]

Bring the garden inside, daffodil bulbs

Bring the garden inside.

When it's wet and windy outside all those little changes that are happening in the garden don't get noticed as I rush past everything on my way to the shed or the … [Read More...]

Nandina domestica, the perfect evergreen shrub

The perfect evergreen shrub

Finding the perfect black dress, or the perfect restaurant is not an easy thing. Fashions change, the chef may have an off-night, but the perfect evergreen shrub is … [Read More...]

trellis for vegetables

The allotment plan for 2015

We're having an allotment meeting at the pub next month,  it'll be a nice, sociable thing to do, but the main reason is to share notes about what grew well last year … [Read More...]

Kale, the allotment in December, Cavalo nero,

The allotment in December

The allotment in December looks very different to the abundant place of a few months ago. The pickings are a bit sparse, but I'm impressed that such short amounts … [Read More...]