orange flowers of Helenium Moerheim Beauty

Plant treasures from the floral marquee Hampton Court

I always leave my visit to the Floral Marquee at Hampton Court till last, not so much saving the best till last, but mainly because photographing outside needs to be done early before bright sunshine sets in. By the afternoon the exhibits in the marquee are complete and looking pristine, it’s a … [Read More...]

garlic from the allotment,

Curing garlic for storage

So you've dug up all your garlic bulbs that were planted last autumn, but there's only so much fresh garlic you can eat, and stashing produce away to use later is … [Read More...]

harvesting garlic, fresh garlic,

Harvesting garlic

The allium family could easily be one of my favourites because it includes those wonderful flowers that pop up every where in June, then there are its’ vegetable … [Read More...]

Nectaroscordum siculum

Nectaroscordum siculum

Meet Nectaroscordum siculum, a classy member of that attractive family, the Alliums. The tissue covered flower buds gradually open in early summer to reveal … [Read More...]

mint growing in a plant pot

Mint tea anyone?

Mint is such a wonderful herb, it’s useful for sweet and savoury recipes and has lots of health benefits too; it's free of caffeine, choc full of vitamins, … [Read More...]

the many uses for a cold frame,

Four uses for a cold frame

Owning a cold-frame for the first time this year has been a bit of a revelation for me. I didn't appreciate how many uses they have and what a handy bit of gardening … [Read More...]

garlic rust

What to do about garlic rust

It's been blissfully pest-free so far at the allotment this year, so I admit to getting a bit complacent, or at least not vey attentive, because I didn't notice that … [Read More...]

Pelargonium Ardwick Cinnamon

Pretty pelargoniums

The first thing to sort out is the name of these lovely plants, often called geraniums, they are in fact Pelargoniums, though they are all part of the same … [Read More...]

micro greens

How to grow micro greens.

Fancy growing salads on your window-sill that are choc full of flavour and ready to eat in only about seven days? Me too, so I’ve been growing micro greens, those … [Read More...]

growing mint by the kitchen door

Can you grow too much mint?

The all-year-round herbs are still doing their thing, this is basically sage and rosemary in my garden. But now that summer is almost here, it’s time to increase the … [Read More...]

growing flowers from seed

Growing flowers from seed

Isn't the thought of picking flowers from your garden (or allotment) a lovely one? Even the tiniest bunch with lots of foliage in it to bulk it up is so … [Read More...]

A classic plant combination

A classic plant combination

Putting plants together can be a bit of a puzzle, so I use a sort of template that makes life a lot easier. The first thing to sort out is the type of soil, i.e. … [Read More...]

a new garden-pink hellebore

A new garden

A new garden is both a wonderful thing and ever so slightly daunting, there's a lot to do to get it looking just right with many decisions in between. So here's … [Read More...]

growing potatoes,

Growing potatoes

It's just over two weeks since we moved, and whilst unpacking and settling in continues, not really a chore because we love the new place, time for the allotment is … [Read More...]