overwintering dahlias-posy2

How to keep dahlias over winter.

I thought you might like to see some dahlias to remind you of summer, of how fabulous dahlias are, and how to keep them over winter. The heavy frost last weekend has put paid to them in my garden for this year, but a plant that flowers profusely for at least four months, that’s sixteen weeks … [Read More...]


Up-cycled plant containers

Well that was a very chilly weekend, but I’m not complaining because the sun is here, along with a bright blue sky. I spent some of the weekend sprucing things up … [Read More...]


Last minute bulb planting

After spending last week in France, and getting back into the flow of being back home, I realised that bulb planting is behind schedule. November is a good time … [Read More...]

autumn display by Petersham Nurseries

Welcoming winter

I'm making the effort to welcome winter. One way that works for me is scouting around at garden shows to see the best of what's around now and to find new … [Read More...]

front gardens-paving

Sustainable front gardens.

It’s surprising how many things a front garden can be used for, its usually used as a place to park the car and somewhere to keep the bins, but even the smallest can … [Read More...]

jars of red onion marmalade

Red onion marmalade

This is one of the most delicious relishes that I've ever made. I've had red onion marmalade on my to-make list for a while now and I don't know why I waited this … [Read More...]

yellow rudbeckia flowers,

Plants for damp places.

The state of my garden is frankly a bit embarrassing, there's a neglected air about it and too few plants for my liking. So after living here for five months, a plan … [Read More...]