wisteria growing on a pergola

How to grow & prune wisteria

How is your garden looking as we head towards spring? I’ve still got plenty to do in mine, general clearing and there’s still well-rotted manure to spread over the soil, before everything starts growing. Pruning wisteria is one of those jobs that needs doing in February, and because it’s good to … [Read More...]

Hakonechloe & Allium

Top plants for shade.

I'm getting excited about stocking up the garden with plants in a few weeks time. To start off, I'm putting together a list of plants that like shade, or … [Read More...]

good soil-1 campanula, Stipa tenuissima, iris

Using wood-ash in the garden

I've been meaning to write about wood-ash for ages, this may at first glance not seem like a very exciting topic, but it really can improve your garden, just take a … [Read More...]

planted bulbs on the windowsill

Indoor gardening with bulbs.

When it's cold and damp outside there's no better way to get a gardening fix, than by assembling some plants and arranging them on a windowsill where you can enjoy … [Read More...]

garden inspiration for 2016-roses and herbs

Garden inspiration for 2016

Well here we are, and suddenly it's the beginning  of another year, always a good time to review how the garden and allotment did in 2015, and to think about what to … [Read More...]

birthday cake-icing-2

GYO fruity cake icing

I’ve just discovered another way of using home-grown berries, and it involves cake, a perfect combination as far as I'm concerned. I'm all for using berries from … [Read More...]


Hooray for houseplants

Have you noticed that houseplants are back? I know they’ve always been around, but they seem to have become much more popular recently, fancy looking photos … [Read More...]

goodbye allotment -2

Goodbye allotment

My vegetable growing life is about to enter a new chapter, and I’m quite excited about it. I’m saying goodbye to the allotment in favour of a little vegetable plot … [Read More...]

bird feeder-1

A recipe for bird-cake.

We've had one heavy frost followed by a less punishing one so far this winter, and I'm feeling sorry for the birds, fluffed up to full capacity, they still looking … [Read More...]


Up-cycled plant containers

Well that was a very chilly weekend, but I’m not complaining because the sun is here, along with a bright blue sky. I spent some of the weekend sprucing things up … [Read More...]


Last minute bulb planting

After spending last week in France, and getting back into the flow of being back home, I realised that bulb planting is behind schedule. November is a good time … [Read More...]

autumn display by Petersham Nurseries

Welcoming winter

I'm making the effort to welcome winter. One way that works for me is scouting around at garden shows to see the best of what's around now and to find new … [Read More...]