What to do in your garden in September, hedge, www.growingnicely.co.uk, Hedge

What to do in your garden in September

This is one of those times of year when we can start to slow down and change pace in the garden, ready for a new season.  The days are getting shorter, but it's still mild enough for seeds to germinate before the cold weather sets in. This is what to do in your garden in September keep everything … [Read More...]

How to dry sage leaves, www.growingnicely.co.uk

How to dry sage leaves.

Sage is a favourite plant, a perfect pairing for rich flavoured meat like pork and adds lots of flavour to potato dishes and bread stuffings. I thought it would be … [Read More...]

how to make lavender sugar, lavender flowers

How to make lavender sugar

Lavender is so lovely at this time of year, the scent is one of my favourites for candles and room sprays, so I've been thinking of ways to capture and keep it. I … [Read More...]

late flowersing, Sedum spectabile, ice plant

Late summer flowering plants

It's about this time of when the garden can flag and there's a little less colour, but with some planning it's easy to have a few late summer flowering plants keep … [Read More...]

Orsan Priory garden France

An inspiring French garden.

When you're in France and anywhere near the Berry region, try and make time to visit this beautiful garden in the former Orsan Priory. This was my second visit and I … [Read More...]